Here’s what you need to know…

Booking your class

In order to reserve your class, please contact me by whatsapp, email or website booking form. I only offer one class per day, so it is wise to book your class in advance.

Meet Latifa at 9:00 am

Your cooking experience begins by meeting me (Latifa) at the medina gate. We will head into the market (souk) to pick out the ingredients for your recipes. Mornings are the best time to choose fresh vegetables & spices.

I will give you a short overview of the entire experience including allowing you to choose your menu (soups / salads, main course and desert).

Note: If this time doesn’t work for you, please contact me to see if other options are available.

The old market

As you wander through the maze of medina streets, you will discover the spice shop, meat and vegetable market, and the local bakery. I will explain the culture, history and traditions of our Moroccan cuisine.

We will then head to my family house to begin preparing the recipes you have chosen.

It’s time to cook

My goal is to allow you to experience and learn how to create authentic Moroccan dishes. As we work together to cook each dish, I will weave in bits and pieces of Moroccan culture.

Let’s eat

Once everything is ready, we will move from the kitchen into our family living room. We will each your tasty creations around a traditional round table.

Once the meal is over, we say goodbye!

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