A bit of our culinary history…

Since ancient times, Moroccan cuisine has been considered one of the most diverse culinary experiences in the world. This is because of the interaction of Morocco with the outside world for centuries. It has combined the flavors of African, Berber, Mediterranean Andalusian, and Islamic cultures. This is why it ranks second in the world and first in the Arab world.
The art of cooking in Morocco is distinguished by its diversity and richness, as it reflects the cultural heritage of the country. Different regions specialize in their own dishes. Some of the most well known are:

  • Couscous
  • Tagines
  • Pastilla
  • Mechoui
  • Refissa

There are typical regional dishes like: merouzia (a sweet and salty meat stew with honey cinnamon and almonds); tanjia Merakchia (spiced meat in a clay pot slow-cooked in ashes); Moroccan harira (hearty tomato-based soup with chickpeas); baddaz (Amazigh couscous made with cornmeal); tagoulla (Berber name of a kind of barley couscous); seffa (sweetened couscous with cinnamon and almonds); and bisara (soup made from dried broad beans and split peas). Finally a very famous dish is korïn and ras, a sheep’s head and feet, which are cleaned and roasted. then simmered, sometimes with a chickpeas, until extremely tender with a smokey flavor.

These are the signature dishes of Morocco, composed of a variety of surprising flavors and aromas, that attract discerning culinary enthusiasts.

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