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star rating  Great experience  - We had a great time with the cooking class of Latifa. It was very interesting to see the local market and we cooked delicious food.

avatar thumb Tour33365441811
January 1, 2024

star rating  I went to Morocco with my Daughter with the aim of showing her all the beauty of Moroccan culture and broaden her perspectives.

During our trip we did many... read more

avatar thumb James M
January 30, 2024

star rating  Best Cooking Class in Essaouira - This was one of the best experiences of our 15 day trip through Morocco. Latifa takes you through the local markets to purchase the ingredients for your meal, getting you... read more

avatar thumb Tracey B
November 14, 2023

star rating  Excellent traditional Moroccan cooking lesson with the best hostesses !! - We spent a wonderful afternoon with Latifa and her sister Rashida cooking traditional Moroccan food. We first visited the market for all the required fresh produce, an experience in... read more

avatar thumb IrelandMinnie
November 19, 2023

star rating  Fantastic experience! - We had a wonderful day with Latifa. We appreciated the flexibility and guidance around choosing our menu, and seeing the local market where the ingredients were purchased. We each contributed... read more

avatar thumb Claire B
January 8, 2024

star rating  Participating in Latifa's Moroccan cooking class was a fantastic experience! Exploring Essaouira's food market together, choosing ingredients for our meals, immersed us in a vibrant world of colors and fragrant... read more

avatar thumb Mara R
December 27, 2023

star rating  Amazing cooking class! - Latifa is a great teacher. She is very knowledgeable about cuisine and she is also patient with those of us who are new to cooking. She is very kind and... read more

avatar thumb aliciasL1282QP
December 26, 2023

star rating  Unforgettable experience!  - In our Essaouira cooking venture, we did a menu featuring two fish tagines, an eggplant salad and an apple cake. First we explored the lively markets with Latifa and bought... read more

avatar thumb Cruiser529139
December 4, 2023

star rating  We left with a full stomach and heart - This cooking class was the start of 2024 for our family. At 10am, we discussed the menu with Latifa and then headed to Essaouira's local market. We chose zaalouk as... read more

avatar thumb cynthiaschenkels
January 10, 2024

star rating  A authentic local experience with an incredible chef and teacher - I am so blown away with the experience I had today and have already recommended Latifa’s class to multiple travellers I’ve met today, I even called my family up to... read more

avatar thumb Anusha S
January 22, 2024

star rating  Authentic Moroccan cooking experience  - This is a very authentic experience. I would highly recommend it. Firstly, Latifa brought us to the local markets to get our food, it was so interesting to see. We... read more

avatar thumb 60sandrao
January 17, 2024

star rating  Fab find!  - I spent a lovely few hours with Latifa this week in Essouria. We met at the Medina and discussed which menu to cook - I chose a warm salad with... read more

avatar thumb 106leighf
December 3, 2023

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Olivier DuvalOlivier Duval
07:16 27 Jan 24
It’s not just about cooking classes but more about an experience of part of the daily life of a wonderful Moroccan woman from Essaouira.We chose the “duo” formula and met the radiant Latifa on Place Barb Marrakech where we discussed the menu (starter, main course, dessert) that we wanted to make.We then walked the streets of the medina, a part with many more locals and a few rare tourists. Latifa explained to us how she chose one merchant over another: purchasing chicken (live at first!), fish, semolina, fruits and spices. We then stopped by a baker lost in a small alley and equipped with two wood-fired ovens before taking a taxi and heading towards the family home.The kitchen is large and well equipped, everything is extremely clean. We met Rachida, Latifa's big sister, also there to help us. We got to work accompanied by a good mint tea. The directions are precise and full of kindness.Once the cooking is finished, head to the dining room for a pleasant moment of tasting (our dishes were full of flavors) and warm exchanges with Latifa and Rachida. It was difficult for us to leave them!
20:15 24 Jan 24
If you have a few hours to spare in Essaouira, we highly recommend the Latifa Cooking Classes cooking classes.Its formula is original; we chose our menu (starter, main course, dessert), she guided us through the market to carefully choose the ingredients and spices, then we cooked and ended up tasting together around a beautiful table presentation and in a Moroccan family environment. An essential stop, she shares her best secrets of Moroccan dishes.The best tagine we tasted in Morocco!! And a nice meeting with Latifa!
Wonderful cooking experience at Latifa Cooking Class. Latifa is a great teacher. From finding the ingredients to creating the recipes, all the steps have been perfectly explained. We enjoyed accompanying Latifa to go shopping in the traditional market in the Medina. Latifa made us discover the secrets of Moroccan cuisine through the creation of recipes chosen togetherTasting the dishes made was a pure pleasure and a moment of great conviviality.We would also like to thank Rachida, Latifa's sister for her help, her smile and her discretion. Experience to repeat 😋🫶💫
Claire BrownClaire Brown
16:17 23 Jan 24
We had a wonderful day with Latifa. We appreciated the flexibility and guidance around choosing our menu, and seeing the local market where the ingredients were purchased. We each contributed to preparing the starter, main, and dessert courses, and enjoyed eating what we had created together. It was a truly memorable experience. Thank you Latifa!
Mirjam WillaertMirjam Willaert
10:44 11 Dec 23
We wanted to get to know the authentic Moroccan cuisine better, preferably in a home setting, so we chose Latifa Cooking. What an amazing experience!! Everything was relaxed and easy-going. After choosing what we wanted to make, we went with her to buy ingredients, which was already an incredibly enlightening discovery. The explanation about the herbs and spices, selecting the right chicken and vegetables, and finally, getting bread from wood-fired ovens in the old Medina was fantastic.During the preparation and cooking, Latifa provided us with super instructions and information. It was extraordinary to learn the ins and outs of using the ingredients. In a friendly atmosphere, we, along with Latifa and her sister, prepared our meal. And it was delicious! Incredibly flavorful. Everything from the Harira soup, Tajines, to the apple cake - a feast! Thank you, Latifa, for the beautiful experience. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to take the time to discover authentic cuisine in a relaxed and thorough manner.
Tracey BishTracey Bish
13:50 14 Nov 23
This was one of the best experiences of our 15 day trip through Morocco. Latifa takes you through the local markets to purchase the ingredients for your meal, getting you a glimpse in everyday life here. Back at her kitchen we received excellent instruction as we learned the importance of salt, acid and sweet (in that order). We had a delightful time preparing carrot salad , fish tagine and apple pie in our cooking class. It was the best tagine we have had in Morocco and we have had a lot of them! I highly recommend Latifa!
Ian WilkesIan Wilkes
16:45 01 Nov 23
We had such a wonderful experience shopping and cooking with Latifa. A genuinely authentic cookery course where you learn so much more about Moroccan life than just cooking. The food we prepared, cooked and ate under Latifa’s patient and informative instruction, was delicious, far better than the restaurants. Thank you for a wonderful day.
Elvira GsnElvira Gsn
18:17 02 Oct 23
We did a lesson with Latifa and it was amazing! First we went to the market and bought some of the ingredients we needed. It was nice to see some of the local businesses with her, and then we went to her place. We were able to choose what we wanted to cook. We learnt a lot and enjoyed it! Both her sister and Latifa are great! It's definitely a nice experience that we recommend.
One of the best cooking experiences! Latifa walked us through the market and showed us the best places to get fresh ingredients to prepare our chosen traditional Moroccan dishes. Then we went to her kitchen where her sister kindly assisted with the food preparation. After lots of chopping, cooking, laughing and having a good time, we sat at the table to enjoy an unforgettable meal, it was delicious! We learned a lot from Latifa and her sister, they were knowledgeable, they took the time to respond to all of our questions and showed us some culinary tricks along the way. I really recommend this experience to anyone interested in the moroccan kitchen and culture.

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